The Inflo Project

The world’s first AI powered social network for news.


Revolutionizing the flow of information


Social media, New media, AI

Launched in

JAN 2018

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Founded by

Nicholas Sukiennik (HKUST MPhil '19)

Backed by

HKUST Alumni Endowment Fund



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WHAT we do?

Our goal is to revise the way people access and share news content on the web. We're building a revolutionary new content sharing platform, based on the latest machine learning advances, which allows you to filter through the noise of social media and directly access the content that matters to you. We are trying to optimize the intake of relevant information while also providing an environment for constructive interaction and discussion and leading to an overall broader understanding of the issues that matter.

WHY we do?

At Inflo we aim to create an alternative the current toxic social media ecosystem which values quantity of engagement (i.e. virality) over quality of content. We are starting an initiative to shift the way people access relevant information on a major scale. The first step is to provide tools for curation, rather than assumptive recommendations which feed to an echo-chamber effect and polarization. The second step is to eliminate ads from the equation as they exploit user data and denigrate the integrity of shared content. And thirdly, we will encourage constructive social interaction, leveraging the unique expertise of each individual. Because we believe that social media should be meant to nourish not feed.

HOW we do?

Our ongoing research technological development efforts include a system to automatically classify any content on the web according to its broad categories and substituent sub-topics/keywords. The will make it possible to filter certain topics in or out of one's "unfeed". Our second technical initiative is to create a holistic reliability assessment which will determine which will label the quality of shared content across several dimensions, giving users a transparent view of the information they are consuming.

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