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Launched in

APR 2018

Based in

iDendron, HKU

Founded by

Brian Chui (HKU BBA & BFin '19), Carson Yau (HKU BBA & LLB '19)

Backed by

Cyberport Incubation, DreamCatchers 100K, NWD AEAP, iDendron Seed Programme



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WHAT we do?

As a digital platform aggregating different types of entertainment activities in Hong Kong, Reubird aspires to make all great entertainment experience in one place available online and on-the-go. It also serves as a gathering planning assistant which helps you schedule gatherings, find and book entertainment activities without hassles.

Ranging from special experience (such as virtual reality, hyper reality, yoga, room escape and camping) to typical gathering activities (playing in party rooms or cafes, dining in restaurants, for instance), our platform offers a curated selection of entertainment activities from different providers around all the places in Hong Kong, which are made easily bookable and purchasable, both online and on-the-go.

Alongside our B2C business, we are currently expanding our B2B line of business as well. Seeing the trend that more and more companies are now organising entertainment activities for their employees, we are blending these entertainment activities with the traditional corporate training and team building solution.

WHY we do?

The entertainment activities O2O market is highly addressable, which remain largely fragmented and offline with little online penetration. The existing market is lacking a one-stop solution for both consumers and entertainment providers.

Consumers suffer the problem of information overload in which a significant amount of time is spent on finding the right information online; whereas small-scale SMEs entertainment providers encounter challenges in establishing their online presence with limited capital and resources.

Therefore, Reubird aims to bring you a curated selection of entertainment activities from different entertainment providers all the places in Hong Kong, which are made easily bookable and purchasable, both online and on-the-go.

HOW we do?

Reubird positions itself as the gateway to online entertainment activities market, where individual entertainment providers can list their offerings on our platform and focus on the quality of entertainment experience provided while we will do the rest.

We are also providing a one-stop solution for consumers to find and book fun entertainment activities so as to shorten the time they spend on research and enhance their entertainment experience at a cheaper price.

By connecting consumers with individual operators directly, we aim to empower small-scale individual operators to manage their business online and establish their online presence at ease.

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