Student Membership criteria:
- Current student in a higher education institution in Hong Kong

Alumni Membership criteria:
- Auto-upgraded from Student Membership; or
- Graduaded in a higher education institution in Hong Kong within 2 years

English name / nickname
Family name / surname
Leave it blank if you have graduated
e.g. 2018 = academic year 2017/18
Leave it blank if you have graduated
Different from Student Email
Tips: Show that you are self-driven and passionate in innovation and teamwork. Share your involvement in studet societies, business and tech competitions, overseas studies, working experience in startups, etc. Share personal links e.g. LinkedIn, personal website. Alternatively, list out your skillsets, expectation during college, and dreams. 200 word limit; minimum 100 characters.

Limit to 1MB in PDF. File name in "School_FirstName_LastName.pdf", e.g. "HKU_Tom_Lee.pdf". You can update your resume when applying jobs on this platform.
Tips: Elevator pitch! Project link, problem, solution, progress, anything you need help. Upload your pitch deck to Google Drive with public access. We may approach you with startups experts, investors and media.

- We will never spam or sell your information for commerical purpose. For any events registered through our platform, only your name and email will be passed to event organizers e.g. schools, for confirmation and further support.
- You will receive our occasional newsletters and emails covering new, startup events, job opportunities, etc.
1 Put your English name, instead of your legal name. No full-blocked letters.
2 Name your resume file name as "School_Name_LastName.pdf". Only PDF with plain text within 1 MB size will be accepted.